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Avengers: Endgame Cheat Sheet

Are you a casual Marvel watcher? Don’t know your Wakandans from your Asgardians?

We’ve got your back. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know before you watch Avengers Endgame so you can enjoy it as much as millions of super fans already have.

Spoiler warning: Yes, there are spoilers for most of the recent Marvel films - but none for Endgame!

1. Where is everyone?

They’re all dead. Spider-Man? Dead. Black Panther? Dead. Dr Strange? Dead.

The tl;dr on Avengers: Infinity War is that Thanos is a real bad egg. He collected five infinity stones; the time stone, reality stone, space stone, mind stone and the soul stone. The person using the stone can manipulate whatever the stone is named after.

Thanos then put the stones in a fancy glove and snapped his fingers so half the universe’s population disintegrated. It was heartbreaking but it does mean Infinity War is the one film you should catch up on before you see Endgame.

2. Frenemies

Captain America and Iron Man had a big fight, everyone took sides and it was pretty epic. They made a whole film about it called Captain America: Civil War.

He was then exiled, branded a criminal and went into hiding but then rocked back up in Infinity War. All you really need to know is there is still some tension between Cap and Tony.

3. Who is that ethereal god-like woman?

She is Captain Marvel. She can fly through space and was mates with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).He paged her so she would come to the rescue just before he disintegrated.

4. Ant-Man is in a pickle

He shrunk down super small before his old scientist friend and girlfriend, The Wasp, sent him off into the quantum realm - a strange alternate universe. Shortly after, his counterparts disintegrated and he is now stuck there.

But in his time stuck there he hopefully learnt a thing or two that could come in handy to save the day.

5. A blossoming romance

Black Widow and The Hulk seem an unlikely pair, but they’ve been incredibly flirty in the past few films and it’s actually quite sweet.

6. Where is Thor’s Hammer?

His sister smashed it to pieces and now he has an axe instead. He’s not very happy about it, but he is still the god of thunder. And yes he does look different; he lost an eye and the talking raccoon gave him a brown glass one.

Now go ahead and watch Endgame safe in the knowledge that you won’t be too confused.

Alex Round

Queen of Words

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